Security Upgrade to Online Banking Begins November 11th, 2013

The Bank takes all the necessary measures to offer you the best possible security for your transactions through its Online Banking System. As a result, the Bank has upgraded its online security system through the use of Security Tokens. Security Tokens offer an added layer of protection and can significantly reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft and unauthorized access. They aid in ensuring privacy and protection of your data.

The security upgrade to Online Banking takes effect on November 11th. In the days ahead, the Bank will mail your Tokens, complete with our instruction guide for activation. Furthermore, all updated information will also be posted here on our website. All BBIL clients will need to log-on and use the Security Token when accessing their accounts. You will not be able to access your online account without the use of the Security Token.

security token

About the Security Token

The Security Tokens are compact in size and simple to use. At the push of a button, a unique one-time password or OTP is generated which must be entered to continue your banking session.

This OTP value changes to a new random number every thirty seconds, thereby reducing the chance that a hacker can guess a correct code and access your account. It is a time-sensitive device. Each one-time password matches back to our Online Banking system and can be used anywhere in the world. Your token does not receive or transmit signals.



Q Is there a cost to use the Security Token?
A Yes. The cost of the Tokens is $65.00, inclusive of courier charges. This is also the cost for replacing a lost, damaged, stolen or faulty Token.

Q Once I activate the Security Token, can I login without the Token?
A No, you will need the Security Token each time you login to our Online Banking System.

Q I have received a Token from Belize Bank International. Can I use it immediately?
A You can use your Token as soon as you activate it by logging on to our website. The process is simple and immediate.

Q Do I need to install a software to use the Security Token?
A No.

Q What is the life expectancy of the Security Token?
A Your Security Token has a battery life of seven years.

Q Can I change the battery in the Security Token?
A No, it is not necessary. Do not attempt to open the Token as this may damage it. If you need to replace your existing Token, please call or contact our Customer Services Representatives.

Q How long do I have to activate my Security Token?
A Your Security Token should be activated immediately. Generally, the activation period should be completed within one week from the time the Token is received.

Q What happens if I do not activate my Security Token?
A If you do not activate your Token within a week of receipt, you will be unable to access your account online and if left unattended, your account can be classified as inactive. You will need to activate the Security Token to carry out any and all transactions online.

Q How do I store my Security Token?
A Keep your Security Token in a safe place. Do not store your passwords and other pertinent and personal information in the same place.

Q How do I care for my Security Token?
A Avoid exposing the device to extreme heat and cold. The Security Token is water-resistant but not waterproof.

Q Are there some transactions I can perform, without the use of the Security Token?
A No. All transactions will require the use of the Security Token.

Q What action do I take if my Security Token is damaged, lost or stolen?
A We encourage you to exercise great care in safeguarding your Security Token. However, if your Token is damaged, lost or stolen, please report it immediately to our Customer Service Representative ([email protected]) or call us at + (501) 227 – 0697 and we will walk you through the process.

Q Who can I contact if I am having problems using my Security Token?
A Please contact our Customer Services Representatives who will be happy to provide assistance.

Q Can someone else use my Security Token?
A No. Under the Bank’s Online Banking Access Agreement, your Security Token cannot be shared.

Q I have a joint account, how will the use of the Tokens be applied to access my accounts online and to provide instructions for service?
A Each person named on the Account can register for the Online Banking Service and each will have separate Security Details.

Q Can I have 2 Tokens?
A In order to reduce the risk of fraud, customers are only allowed one Token per user, at this time.

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