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September 23rd, 2015 – Belize Bankers Association Press Release

Belize City, Belize (September 22nd, 2015)—-In light of recent articles appearing in both the domestic and international press in relation to US banks de-risking and to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) petition for permission to seek records of certain U.S Banks in relation to US residents who may have had bank accounts in Belize and did not fully comply with the U.S tax law the Bankers Association of Belize would like to make the following statements.

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February 10, 2015 – The 10 best countries for living and working abroad

Wake up to picturesque views before jumping into the day’s work in this small developing country. Retirees and tourists flock to this affordable island where it’s possible to live on $1,500 a month. The US dollar is accepted as currency in most businesses and, as a former British colony, the people speak English.

October 21, 2014 – iExpats

If you are a US taxpayer with overseas bank accounts or investments, you need to take immediate steps to show you are reporting your overseas earnings to avoid tax penalties under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Now FATCA is in full swing with foreign financial institutions filing reports on the financial activities of their US clients, any failing to confirm their tax status faces the risk of being reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

August 19, 2014 –  FATCA:  A US Regulation That’s Having a Global Impact

By: Mark Davis

FATCA has raised the stakes for data quality and the need for “clean data.”

 August 14, 2014 – How To Open And Access An Offshore Bank AccountBy: Eric FontinelleOffshore banking is often associated with a high level of financial sophistication. However, the reality is that the average person can open an offshore bank account with just a few hours of work.

July 16, 2014 – Ariel Rosado Foundation gives scholarships

In memory of a life cut off before reaching full potential, the Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation was established to promote the education of the future leaders of Belize. The popular cyclist and promising attorney was killed in a massive traffic accident at Mile 2 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Today, his father and the president of the Foundation, Dr. Alvaro Rosado, told us this was the most fitting way to both honor him and give life to his dreams for Belize. 

May 17, 2014 – How to open an Offshore Bank Account in Belize

By Lorenzo Gonzalez

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February 11, 2014 – Belize Bank International Has a New Website

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February 4, 2014 – Offshore Banking in Belize: The Safe Choice

Filippo Alario, Executive Director of Belize Bank International, speaks with Alternative Emerging Investor about the benefits of banking in Belize, and what makes the country so attractive as an offshore banking destination.


January 21, 2014 – Belize Awarded “2013 Sovereign Restructuring Deal of the Year” by Latin Finance

By The San Pedro Sun


October 10, 2013 – International Bank Accounts For Expat Banking and Wealth Management

By Dillon Medina,

Belize Bank International featured in an article highlighting the benefits of opening an international bank account in Belize.