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In the last century, the world has changed. In an environment of new strategies and waning trust - it is critical that clients can utilize comprehensive, and adaptive, banking services.

  • Certificates of Deposits

    With competitive interest rates, current account holders can access Certificates of Deposits in multiple currencies – with tax-free interest

  • Wire Transfers

    We also provide a variety of other products and services including: wire transfers, letters of credit, overdraft lines of credit

  • Card Products

    We offer quick and simple access to VISA and Mastercard branded credit, debit and prepaid cards for worldwide use

  • Merchant Services

    Available to international eCommerce businesses, we provide standard or custom services structures so that you can grow your business and increase cash flow

  • Financing

    Lending for corporations seeking opportunities in tourism, real estate and commercial development

  • Multi-Currency Accounts

    Flexible accounts for corporate or private clients when living abroad or trading internationally

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About Belize

Standing at the nexus of two continents, Belize is a Caribbean nation - rich in bio-diversity, agricultural opportunities and natural resources. The country has a solid, stable government founded in the English common law system and supported by trade with its Latin American neighbors.

  • English is the official language

    International clients can benefit with online access and support in English. Spanish and Chinese will be coming soon as well.

  • Founded on English common law

    The country is stable, with a parliamentarian system that provides pragmatic legislation that favors businesses and clients from abroad.

  • Industries include agriculture, tourism, finance

    With a diversified economy, Belize Bank International can be your window into other opportunities in the region, from real estate to travel.

  • Tax-free interest on foreign investment products

    Belize boasts beneficial taxation laws for international clients.

Belize Bank International

The Matalon Business Center

Coney Drive, 2nd floor,
Belize City, Belize CA
Tel: (501) 227-0697/227-1548
Fax: (501) 223-0986
Email: services@BelizeBankInternational.com

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