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As a member of a banking organization based in a dynamically growing country, Belize Bank International provides breadth and depth of services. Online, we offer customers exclusive, omnipresent access to these services via remote accounts.


In the last century, the world has changed. In an environment of new strategies and waning trust - it is critical that clients can utilize comprehensive, and adaptive, banking services.

  • Certificates of Deposits

    With competitive interest rates, current account holders can access Certificates of Deposits in multiple currencies – with tax-free interest

  • Wire Transfers

    We also provide a variety of other products and services including: wire transfers, letters of credit, overdraft lines of credit

  • Card Products

    We offer quick and simple access to VISA and Mastercard branded debit card for worldwide use

  • Merchant Services

    Available to international eCommerce businesses, we provide standard or custom services structures so that you can grow your business and increase cash flow

  • Financing

    Lending for corporations seeking opportunities in tourism, real estate and commercial development

  • Multi-Currency Accounts

    Flexible accounts for corporate or private clients when living abroad or trading internationally

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About Belize

Standing at the nexus of two continents, Belize is a Caribbean nation - rich in bio-diversity, agricultural opportunities and natural resources. The country has a solid, stable government founded in the English common law system and supported by trade with its Latin American neighbors.

  • English is the official language

    International clients can benefit with online access and support in English. Spanish and Chinese will be coming soon as well.

  • Founded on English common law

    The country is stable, with a parliamentarian system that provides pragmatic legislation that favors businesses and clients from abroad.

  • Industries include agriculture, tourism, finance

    With a diversified economy, Belize Bank International can be your window into other opportunities in the region, from real estate to travel.

  • Tax-free interest on foreign investment products

    Belize boasts beneficial taxation laws for international clients.

    Belize Bank International


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