About The Bank

Belize Bank International is an integrated bank for corporate and private clients with one of the longest banking legacies in Central and South America. BBIL sees the changing regulatory environment throughout the world, and with our global view we offer premier security, convenience and simplicity.

Operating under the Belize Bank Group – one of the oldest and continuous banks in Central America – BBIL was established in 2006.

As a member of a banking organization with over 100 years of experience, we have an extensive network of partner banks and associations who help us carry depth and breadth of products and services for our clients.

We work with corresponding banks and intermediaries in South and Central America, Europe, the Caribbean and the United States.


Belize has a long history of client confidentiality – strict and long-standing bank secrecy laws ensure the protection of banking records.


Over 100 years of continued service and legacy in the Belize Banking Group – clients can be sure they can entrust their investment and business needs with the bank.

Latest Corporate and Regulatory Filings

Audited Financial Statements Extract – March 31, 2020