Belize Bank International – History in the Making

Belize Bank International – History in the Making

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With one of the longest banking legacies in Central and South America, BBIL is an integrated bank for corporate and private clients. Our client culture is built on discretion, privacy and simplicity – the key pillars that drive our continued success and ensure we maintain our clients’ trust even in the face of a rapid-changing financial environment.

BBIL is renowned for putting our clients’ trust and protection at the heart of our business model – the recent introduction of the security upgrade being only one example of the many ways in which BBIL consistently aspires to a higher quality of service.

But looking to our past reveals a long track record of innovation and customer service excellence – rooted first and foremost in the Belizean history of economic, social and political stability and supplemented by a flexible and modern legal system. Belize has a long history of client confidentiality that BBIL continues – being exempt from having to share client information outside of criminal inquiries.

As a member of the Belize Bank Group, BBIL can trace its lineage back to the first and oldest continuous banking operations in Belize. With its beginnings in 1903 as the Bank of British Honduras, and later Belize Bank when purchased by local investors in 1987, BBIL benefits from being a part of Belize’s longest uninterrupted banking operation totalling over 100 years of dedicated service.

Built on this established reputation, sound banking experience and elevated ethical standards, BBIL maintains its place as a dominant player in the banking industry in Belize. More than that, our proven record has made us a trusted partner abroad, as we provide international customers with the remote access they need and the maximum value of service and products they deserve. A staunch pillar of integrity and stability – BBIL is resolute in its focus as a relationship driven bank in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive banking environment.

Thanks to our long-standing history and the resulting foresight we’ve gained, we strive to maximize value for individuals and businesses by fostering long lasting relationships and providing the very best of service for our clients and partners. We are informed by the past and inspired by the future – remaining anchored in the rich and deep history of Belize and dedication to our clients.


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On February 11, 2014
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