Securing Clients’ Financial Future

Securing Clients’ Financial Future

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Most private individuals and companies want to implement a financial strategy that enables them to control their assets and preserve their wealth. Depending on their domicile and specific circumstances, it may be advantageous to have a bank account in a location such as Belize.

For starters, some wealthy individuals are subject to extremely high tax rates in their home country. Aruba, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Japan and the U.K. all have top tax rates of more than 50%, and Finland and Ireland are close behind. Those living in a high tax jurisdiction can reduce their tax burden significantly by managing their money in a tax-free bank international account.

Banking with Belize Bank International is an attractive proposition for individuals and companies that are domiciled in countries that are politically or financially unstable. Changes in the environment may adversely affect the value of their personal assets or the operating profits of their company. They run the risk of capital being locked up or frozen by government action.

One of the advantages of an international bank account is the discretion of account activity and privacy afforded clients when banking abroad.  Belize’s International Banking Act provides the legal framework to offer this security.  .

Discretion and confidentiality goes hand in hand with wealth management. Belize Bank International does not disclose any information relating to their clients’ account except under lawfully required circumstances.  . To this end, account holders are protected against an array of liabilities.

Importantly, Belize Bank International account holders have the flexibility to manage their finances online from wherever they are in the world. It’s possible to hold funds in specific currencies, such as pounds sterling, euro, U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars, and accounts aren’t subject to currency controls. They can earn attractive interest rates on certificates of deposit, and link mortgages, credit and debit cards to the account.

When it comes to wealth management, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Through innovation and excellent customer service, Belize Bank International offers an array of solutions that help commercial and private clients secure their financial future.

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On February 27, 2014

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